Your Spa Hotel in Lower Saxony

Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See

In our Spa Hotel in Niedersachsen - the Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See - we wanted to create more than just an environment that you feel good in.  A place that's committed to enhancing your wellbeing. That gives you the gift of relaxation. That radiates harmony. That balances energy and helps you bring your body and soul into accordance. The ideal place for your spa vacation in Lower Saxony: the EidenSpa! 

EidenSpa: Where wellbeing is at home!

Enter into another world. 1.000 m² of spa. Suspend the laws of nature. Time, speed, gravity ... everything bows to a higher goal: your relaxation!

Life spring water. Swim yourself free. Nothing burdens you, everything is flowing. Air bubbles swirl around, rise to the surface. Some gentle, some tingling, some massaging. Islands of peace. Refuges. Your gaze gets lost in the far-reaching green. Your mind rests. Sauna variety in the EidenSpa. Beads of sweat on your skin. The air of the moor steam shower flows into your nose and fills your lungs. Warm and spicy. Soothing. 

Open-air wellbeing

Borders blur. Outside and inside become one. A step outside the door ... and your relaxation goes on. In the outdoor whirlpool, in the outdoor sauna, in the sauna garden.  Sun your bare skin in the spacious private park. Beach wagon sauna directly at the Zwischenahn Sea ... Open-air wellbeing!

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A bit of luxury ...

... that's what the treatments in EidenSpa are! Moments that belong just to you. In which your needs are central and your wellbeing is the measure of all things. That's why we're at your disposal with all of our expertise.  Know-how and sensitivity united in the most beautiful way. Handicraft – in the true sense of the word.

Treat yourself to massages & cosmetic treatments in the Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See!

Relaxation offers in the Spa Hotel in Lower Saxony

Just for you or just for a day? Experience the PrivateSpa & DaySpa in the Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See. For a complete package, we recommend our spa packages. Reserve your time of wellbeing in our Spa Hotel in Lower Saxony!